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A massive shift of consciousness is happening right now!  We are unfolding the grand design in our lives as powerful conscious creators.  We all are starting to see our outside world is simply a reflection of our unresolved wounds or inner healing.  We choose!

So many of us are realizing our bodies are more than we have been taught.  Inner healing and taking back our personal power to reflect the new programming is all part of the path.  Assisting those on the journey through the self to completely heal is my biggest passion!


Meet the Team

I’m really lucky I incarnated with such a great team of people!  I have 2 daughter’s who are extremely gifted . . . those of you aware of indigo, crystal, or star children realize there are special souls coming in right now to help with the shift of consciousness.  They may be too shy to talk about it with everyone but they are my right hand ladies besides working with source/cosmic consciousness/universal energy/God.  We are all here to remove the barriers we’ve placed against our direct connection.  Reconnecting to the God/Goddess and divine love within so we can expand it though out the universe to everything and everyone we touch is everyone’s spiritual mission!

Marlene “Smoke” Eckel, MSH, RMT

Indigo Healer

Master Spiritual Healer (MSH)

Eden Energy Medicine (Certified Year 1)

Level 1 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy – Dolores Cannon

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Multiple Lineages to Mikao Usui Sensai (RMT)

Karuna-Ki Reiki Master, Lineage to Vincent Amador

Chakra Balancing Certification

Crystal Healing Certification

AKASH Certification

Silence and Spiritual Maturity Certification

Kiera Eckel

Crystal Healer

Kiera started having experiences between dimensions at a very young age.  My dad had passed away before she made it on planet Earth yet she would say things about him she couldn’t have known.  She seemed to be a sounding board between dimensions passing little messages from him to us.

She has loved crystals and stones forever and is constantly making crystal grids.  If she get’s any money what-so-ever she buys crystals.  She is very connected to the Earth and is constantly teaching me new ways to honor this world and create ceremonies.


star healer

Roxie Eckel

Star Healer

Roxie started talking about the energetic body about the time I started having experiences with energy.  She has shared bits of knowledge with me along the way.  Puzzle pieces that have helped me complete the wheel with what I was feeling, studying, along with her experiences and what she was seeing.

She started talking about all these cords connecting us all together that I realized was the matrix.  The dark cords that people try to attach to us and cords of LOVE!  These girls have gifts and her’s extend a wide range of layers.  From working with crystals to her experiences with consciousness and energy she amazes me ALL the time!

Next Steps…

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