Spiral of Life Healing


Energy moves in repeat patterns until we de-code the message in our life.  Why am I stuck?  What do I need to know from this situation to move on and fully heal?  Let’s find out!


Send detailed information and your burning question about an area of life where you are stuck?


Everything in life is frequency, vibration, energy and the blockages are many times in the invisible world. The blockages are there but need to be de-coded, the lesson learned, and the navigation reset in order to move further on our path. Nothing every goes away until it teaches us what we need to know . . . but sometimes our lives leave us wandering . . . what do I need to know here? I want to see it and move on but I’m stuck!

Your healing and reading will be sent to you in a pdf.  Please be as detailed as possible about your question and/or situation. You can include this in the comments section of your order.  Your picture and date of birth is helpful but not required.


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