The Basics Package


Receive remote energy work on the basic ways your energy get’s disorganized according to Eden Energy Medicine.  You will receive the energy work to correct the imbalance, plus a full report on what was found along with exercises you can do daily to keep these basic imbalances corrected!


Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine has some amazing work on the basic ways our energy becomes imbalanced.  In fact she found herself going back to these basic imbalances and corrections over and over in her work that she designed this as the starting point of her sessions!

Are you dehydrated?  Is your energy running forward?  Are your energies crossing over or is it scrambled?  Are you grounded?  Is your Crown Energy blocked?  and much more.

There are several key points that can be corrected quickly with Eden Energy Medicine.  Receive a full report of what was found and corrected in your energy system.  Plus receive daily exercises you can do at home to correct these basic energy imbalances.


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