Soul Mate Healing


Sometimes we just need help seeing what is beyond this crazy love pattern? Why am I in the middle of this mess? What am I supposed to learn? Beginning to understand that it is you . . . and your internal unhealed wounds not them is a great self-realization. That’s what this reading is for to get in-tune to the soul level healing.


Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are all designed to reveal your wounded parts and soul heal through the relationship. We attract like magnet’s to each other and then as the honeymoon wears off the “rubs” we have with each other start working against us and our relationship. I love you signed the dotted line with you make me crazy . . . or worse . . . but then again you can’t let go either. The tango continues and if we don’t soul heal at an internal level we continue to attract the same relationships patterns over and over again!

All relationships are designed to teach you, push you to grow, and yet there is a pivoting into the same cycles over and over again. As nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to know. Those are the laws of the Universe!

So what do you need to know to break the cycle?

Sometimes you just need help seeing what is beyond this crazy love pattern? Why are you in the middle of this mess?  What are you supposed to learn?  You must be ready to deal with you.  What are your internal unhealed wounds?  Nothing in life has to do with the external situation. You must get in-tune to the soul level healing so you can attract a completely healed soul rather than a mirror of your wounded parts!

Nothing is chance. There are no coincidences.  You are in a body because it’s the playground for soul work.

Please include at much information about your situation and question as possible.  When you check out you will see a notes section please include these details in this section.  We will untangle the web of energy blockages, running programs, karmic ties, and spiritual tests together. These are the tools to give you the keys you need to unlock the doors to that God/Goddess relationship!

This requires complete healing.  You will find you will no longer be looking for your other half.  You are not a half!


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